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Sindarli Situated in Pali District

LOCATION -It is about 9 km from the town of Sadri, 16 km from Nadol, 23 km from the tehsil office in Desuri and 70 km from the district capital. Sindarli is also known as Sinderli or, in the local language, Hinderli.
COORDINATES: - 25° 14′ 53″ N, 73° 24′ 53″ E
POPULATION - Sindarli has a population of about 2171 people living in about 424 households It is Thikana of Meritya Rathores

Mertiya Rathore of Sindarli About rathores - We belong to the royal Rajput clan of western India, the Rathore's. Rathore's are a Rajput tribe of India. The clan traces its lineage back to Rama, the mythical hero of the Hindu epic Ramayana and through him back to the sun god Surya himself. Which is why the Rathores also call themselves Suryavanshi or family of the sun. The Rathores hail from the Marwar region of western Rajasthan and inhabit in the Idar state of Gujarat and also in Chhapra & Muzaffarpur district of Bihar in a very small number. Their native languages are Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi and dialects such as Rajasthani, Marwari.
Early History - Based on khyats ("traditional accounts") written in seventeenth century, it is surmised that the Rathores were originally feudatories of the Ujjaini-based Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty, and may perhaps have been domiciled in the vicinity of Kannauj in the heyday of that dynasty. Pratihara-ruled Kannauj was sacked by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1019, which ushered in a chaotic period for that area. A family known to us as the Gahadvala dynasty gained control of Kannauj and ruled for nearly a century; their best-known monarch was Raja Jaichand, their last king. When Mohammed Ghori Attacked India in 1193 A.D. the major power holder were Tuars/Tomars of Delhi, Rathors of Kannauj, Chauhans of Ajmer and Gehlots of Mewar. They all were at times either allies or at war with each other and all princes of India paid homage to one or the other. Muslims took advantage of these hostilities. It is said that Sheoji, a surviving grandson of Jaichand, made his way into the western desert with a group of faithful followers, finally settling in the town of Pali in Marwar, which was ruled by another branch of the Pratiharas. Sheoji is regarded as the patriarch of the entire Rathore clan and all Rathores and Rathods trace their patrilineage back to him.
Some others - This village stableatlist 1000 years old.rajput sasak,landlords and thakurs handling sindarli village.sindarli is a thikana of jodhpur/marwar state .one beautiful garh/small fort nd one more mini Garh situated in sindarli. mertiya rathore rajputs ruling in sindarli/sinderli more than 400 years before 1704 sindarli is under ghanerao thikana.
Clan - Pratapsingh Gopinathot Mertiya
From - Kannuj -> Bittu Pali -> Mandore -> Jodhpur -> Merta -> Ghanerao -> Sindarli/Deoli
  MaharajRaj Raja YashoVigrah ji
   MaharajRaj Raja  Mahichandra ji
   MaharajRaj Raja Chandradev ji
   MaharajRaj Raja Madanpal ji
        | + 1154
   MaharajRaj Raja Govindra ji
    MaharajRaj Raja  Vijaychandra ji
        | + 1162
MaharajRaj Raja Jaichand ji of Kanauj(UP)
           | + 1126
       RAO SETRAM ji
       RAO SIHAJI ji (Bittu Village Pali)
           | +1273
       RAO ASTHAN ji
           | +1292           
        RAO DOOHAD ji        
           | +1309
         RAO RAIPAL ji
           | +1313
       RAO  KANHAPAL ji
           | +1323
         RAO JALANSI ji
           | +1328
         RAO  CHADA ji
           | +1344
          RAO TIDA ji
           | +1357
       RAOSALKHA ji
           | +1374
        RAO VIRAMDEVji
           | +1383
        RAO CHUNDA ji
        RAO RANMAL ji
           | +1438
        RAO JODHA ji (Founder Of Jodhpur)
          | +1488
     Rao dudaji
          |+(1461- 1504) Founder of Merta/Pushkar state Nagore
     Rao viramdev ji
           | +(1515-1544)
     Rao pratap singh ji
     Rao gopaldas ji
           | +(1568-1626)
     Rao kisandas ji
           | +(1626-1649)
     Rao durjan singh ji
     Rao gopinath ji
           |+(1675-1704)Ghanerao Thikana
     Thakur himmat singh ji
           | +(1704-1750) Sindarli jagir
     Thakur sangram singh ji
           | +(1750-1796)
     Thakur jeth singh ji
           | +(1796-1818)
     Thakur mokhamsingh ji
           | +(1818-1847)
     Thakur jevraj singh ji
           | +(1847-1880)
     Thakur phool singh ji
           | +(1880-1912)
     Thakur bisan singh ji
           | +(1912-1942) (4 Sons )
    *Thakur madho singh ji + (1942-50)give Thikana Deoli by Jodhpur darbar
     Thakur bhadur singh ji (1942-50)
     Thakur rawat singh ji(1942-50)
     Thakur ridmal singh ji (1942-50)
            | (4 Brothers)
   **Thakur ratan singh ji
     Thakur raghunath singh ji
     Thakur nathu singh ji {ex. pradhan of desuri panchyat samiti,pali and ex.sarpanach also 25 year continue}
     Thakur hanwant singh ji(1950-1998)
            | 10 Brothers Total Now In sindarli
 ***1)Thakur  karan singh ji (Landlord )
    2)th.gajraj singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    3)th.manohar singh ji (Active in Politics and Ex. Sarpanch)
    4)th.bharat singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    5)th.devi singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    6)th.dalpat singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    7)th.surendra singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    8)th.vikram singh ji (Business Man or well setteld in Jaipur)
    9)th.dashrat singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    10)th.dharmendra singh ji (Goverment Servent)
    (1995 to present)
Kunwars - New Generation (15 Brothers) Dharampal Singh,Ajeet Singh,Mahipal Singh,Bhupendra Singh(Gov. Officer),Hitpal Singh(Hotelier),Ranipratap Singh,Jaipal Singh,Nanapal Singh,Shivpratap Singh,Jaideep Singh,Adtiyapal Singh,Robin Singh,Pramveer Singh,Anirudhpal Singh,Kushveer Singh Sindarli
 "मरण नै मेडतिया अर राज करण नै जौधा " "मरण नै दुदा अर जान(बारात) में उदा "